5 Ways to Save Money on Summer Camp


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Summertime is not just about fun and relaxation.

For parents, this is also the time when they have to think of ways on how they can keep the kids entertained. That is what summer camps are for.

Parents don’t just have to find a summer camp offering activities that interest their kids, but also one that is within their budget. But the last aspect is where the issue comes in. Summer camps are not cheap.

Nevertheless, there are always ways on how you can save money on summer camp and let your kids have all the fun during their vacation time.

Below are some of those worth considering money-saving tips.

Determine the Interest of Your Children

A lot of summer camps offer different activities and there are others that provide more specialized ones.

These camps may specialize in academic subjects, sports, or art-related activities, or those that cater to special interests.

Given that, it is essential to know what kind of activities your kids are interested in to know the type of camps you should look for.

Know Your Options and Shop Around

Once you have an idea of your children’s interest, the next step is to know what options are there.

When it comes to summer camps, your options are in range beside the ones specializing in offering certain activities.

There are budget-camp options which include boy/girl scout camps, school camps, church camps, and community camps.

If you indeed have a limited budget, you may also consider city-sponsored camps, scholarships, and sponsorships.

Sign Up and Pay Ahead of Time

Like with other services, there are also summer camps offering early bird discounts or lower registration fees if parents or kids sign up early.

Paying early can also let you save a lot.

However, just make sure that you have checked the summer schedule before making the registration or payment. Otherwise, there is no way you can refund your money due to the no-refund policy that usually comes with the offer.

Check for Discounts

This is one of the money saving tips you should never disregard on your list because it is where you can indeed save a lot.

There are sibling discounts, loyalty discounts, and eligibility type discounts.

With the last one, some summer camps offer discounts for teachers, police officers, military personnel, etc.

So, if you are one of those, don’t forget to call ahead of time to know if such discounts are offered.

Consider Tax Breaks

There are cases when summer camps may qualify for a childcare tax break. A good example is if your child is below 13.

Individuals with a Flexible Spending Account are also qualified to use tax breaks, allowing you to spread the camp cost over the year. Then, you can just pay it off with the pre-tax dollars.

However, you need to ensure first if this is an option for you by checking with your HR department.

Consider other factors as well aside from making your choice through these options.

You need to consider the transportation expenses as well, including a plane ticket or if you will prefer to have your child picked up by the camp bus instead of driving them there.