Saving Big At Walmart Using Coupons


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Walmart Coupons

Coupons can help you save thousands of dollars on groceries and household items.

They are especially popular among big retail companies such as Walmart.

For significant savings on your purchases, here are some basics you need to know about how to coupon at Walmart:

Steps on how to coupon

  1. Almost 90% of all coupons are distributed through newspaper inserts. Among the most circulated are Proctor & Gamble (PG), Red Plum (RP), and SmartSource (SS) Sunday Insert Coupons. You can browse through these inserts and collect the coupons for items that you need. You can also print coupons straight from the internet and use digital coupons on mobile apps.
  1. Before going to the store, make sure to check deals and sales on websites like SouthernSavers, GrocerySmarts, and Coupons. They are updated weekly and they will tell you which items are eligible for coupons. Choose which items you would like to buy.
  1. Link up those items with the inserts you have saved, make a list, then clip the coupons you want to use. Next time you head on over to the Walmart nearest you, you can present these coupons at the checkout counter.

Advantages of Couponing at Walmart

  1. Walmart’s Price Match policy provides consumers with the lowest prices in the market. Just notify Walmart if a competitor is offering a lower price on an item and Walmart will match their price.
  1. Walmart’s coupon policy will not allow you to use the same coupon more than once. However, you can still use coupons on items that are on sale or have undergone rollbacks.
  1. Walmart will give customers cash backs which you can be discounted from your total bill if the coupon has a higher value than the item.
  1. Deals and sales websites cannot be trusted 100% and the store may not offer some of the deals. Walmart’s Weekly Ad page will allow you to double check the availability and discount on an item.


Before using coupons at Walmart, make sure to read their complete coupon policy.

They accept manufacturer coupons, competitor’s coupons, and checkout coupons.

All coupons must have a valid expiration date, a scannable barcode, and a remit address for the manufacturer.

Coupons can only be used on the exact item including size, color, flavor, etc.

A manager has the right to limit purchase quantities to make sure the customer is not a dealer and buying for personal use.

Also, a supervisor will have to verify the transaction when $50 or more worth of coupons are used.